Soil Testing Handbooks and Study Guides

1504-MN LaMotte Soil Handbook (Order Code 1504)

by Staff, LaMotte Company

This 60-page growers manual discusses major and minor nutrients, trace elements, soil pH, organic matter, soil texture, etc. Includes lime and fertilizer recommendations for a variety of crops and plants.

Plant Nutrition Studies (Order Code 1596)

by Dr. Robert Stegner

This 76-page manual covers the study and practice of hydroponics: plant culture in soil-less nutrient solutions. Includes a series of laboratory procedures and open-ended investigations.

A Study of Soil Science (Order Code 1530)

by Dr. Henry D. Foth

This 44-page booklet provides an introduction to soil formation, soil pH, mineral elements, and plant nutrition, the life cycle of growing plants, and soil fertility management.