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Laundry Outfit - Model LDR

Order Code: 3095-02

Seven important factors for monitoring incoming water supplies, break, suds and bleach operations; also rinse and sour operations.

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Test Kits


P Alkalinity, Chlorine, and Hardness Warewash Kit

P Alkalinity, Chlorine, and Hardness Warewash Kit

Order Code: 7250-02

This kit tests for Alkalinity and Hardness using the drop count method, and tests for Chlorine levels using test strips.

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Laundry Fabric Test Kit

Order Code: 3541-01

This kit is a laundry fabric spot test for presence/absence of Chlorine, Iron and tests for wide Range pH levels.

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Chlorine Bleach Test Kit

Order Code: 7894-01

This test kit measures for Chlorine Bleach using the Dropper Pipet method. Range/sensitivity is 1 drop = 0.005%, 0.05%, or 0.5% Cl.

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