Lead Screening Test Kit

Order Code: 5-0140

5 0140 200x200

LaMotte Company now offers an affordable, safe, and reliable screening test to identify lead in drinking water. Lead is still found in old pipes, solder and service lines. Corrosive water can leach lead into water supplies.

In only 10 minutes the analyst can detect lead levels above 15 ppb—the EPA action level. Simply immerse a strip in a water sample and read after a 10 minute waiting period.

This multi-test package is designed for the professional monitoring multiple sites. The LaMotte Lead in Water Kit includes 10 test packs with one diagrammed instruction.

  • Each test comes in a sealed pouch with a test vial and dropper
  • Simple test protocol: immerse, wait 10 minutes, and read
  • Easy analysis—1 Line or 2 Line result indicates result
  • Detects Lead to EPA action level of 15 parts per billion (ppb)