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Industrial Water Boiling and Cooling

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Product Spotlight

spin touch and logo.fw  DataMate web logo  3585 200x200
WaterLink® Spin Touch  DataMate® Web WaterLink® Spin Touch DW
    7 2100 200x200
Aquaponics Kit DC1500 Chlorine Colorimeter Legionella Field Test Kit
BioPaddles Microbiology Test 5560 200x200 LaMotte BrewLab
BioPaddles® Microbe Hunter™ Activities BrewLab® Test Kit Series
2020t kit 200x200 Insta-Test 6 Way Drinking Water Test Strips 2934
2020t/i Portable Turbidity Meters Drinking Water
Multi Test Strip
QAC Dual Range Test Strips
Water Softener Demo Test Kit  eelogo 5 0140 200x200 
Demo Outfits and Softeners  EarthEcho Water Challenge Lead Test Kit


Water Quality Analysis Testing Products - Since 1919


LaMotte Company manufactures its products at its 65,000 square foot facility in Chestertown, Maryland, near Washington DC on the east coast of the United States. Now, almost 10 years into its Lean Manufacturing journey, LaMotte’s chemists, engineers, and technicians continue to optimize a wide variety of processes to achieve maximum quality and efficiency. We offer a wide range of test methods and tools for the analyst.

From multi-factor test strips, foil-packaged unit dose tablets, unit dose powder vials, and liquid reagents to sonic-welded color comparators, multi-parameter test kits, and electronic water analysis instruments. LaMotte controls the manufacturing of all aspects to ensure the highest quality.

We believe strongly in having a team of technical experts available by phone and email for customer support. The Research and Development team works to constantly improve and create new test methods. Our in-house graphic design department provides extensive services that are especially valuable for the many custom designed product projects that LaMotte welcomes. All of these varied capabilities enable LaMotte to excel at helping people solve their analytical challenges.



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