DataMate® 10 Software

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DataMate10 Water Testing SoftwareCode 1768 (Compact Disk)

The DataMate® 10 software is a user-friendly Windows® - based water analysis computer program that generates custom pool and spa water treatment recommendations for your customers. The recommendations are listed in the proper treatment sequences with precise dosages and clear instructions, which can be viewed on your computer, printed out or emailed to the homeowner. The program allows more control and flexibility for the pool and spa professional to make the necessary changes to fit their needs.


A unique feature of DataMate® 10 is the touch screen capability that allows the user to go from screen to screen by pressing the buttons or tabs on the screen with their finger. If your computer does not have touch screen capability, just use your mouse.


Insert three pool chemical lines and two spa chemical lines to reflect the brands sold at the retailer’s location. Recommendations for sanitizers, shocks, balancers, algaecides and specialty chemicals can be edited along with ideal test factor levels.



The program stores data on each customer’s pool or spa. The customer information section allows the retailer to list the brand of chlorine (salt) generators, alternative sanitizers, auto cleaners, water features, filters, pool surface, spa model, heater, motor and many other fields. An equipment log for each customer stores information pertaining to manufacturer, brand, serial number, installation date and warranty expiration. Extra fields allow the retailer to add comments to print on the customer’s report or comments that are privately listed in their customer’s file.


The DataMate® 10 software is compatible with the WaterLink® Spin, WaterLink® 3 Express, WaterLink® Express, and DPC 2 colorimeters. Test results from the meter can be sent directly into the software through either an USB or 9-pin connector cable (depending on the meter) or results can be manually typed into the software for tests such as Salt, Phosphates or TDS levels. The test entry section of the software includes fields to measure Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Bromine, Biguanide, Biguanide Shock, pH, Alkalinity, Calcium Hardness, Cyanuric Acid, Copper, Iron, Nitrate, Borate, Phosphate, Manganese, Salt and TDS. Use check boxes for certain water conditions such as water color, stains, cloudy. foamy, or products needed to remedy problems like enzymes, cover cleaner, filter cleaner, surface cleaner, pool opening procedures, pool closing procedures, weekly maintenance and salt maintenance procedures.


The DataMate® 10 software allows customer data sharing with these POS systems RB Controls Systems, Cardol Data Systems, Systems West and Backyard Place. Contact the POS systems listed for more information about the communication between the two programs.


The program allows unlimited pool and spa tests to be stored in customer’s files for easy access and reference. In addition, the database can sort information, generate reports, graph specific test factor trends, print labels and send email blasts for promotional mailings. All printed recommendations feature the dealer’s store information - name, address,

phone & fax numbers, website, etc., as well as a section to advertise monthly sales or other pertinent information for specific customers.

Software Requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft® Windows® 10, Microsoft® Windows® 8.1, Microsoft® Windows® 7



Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Express System R2 and Requirements (included)

Windows® Installer 4.5 or later

Internet Explorer® 5.01 or later

Microsoft .NET® Framework 4.0 (included)

Microsoft® XML Parser 6.0 (included)


Hardware Requirements:

Recommended Minimum:

Intel® Pentium® processor 2 GHz or higher with 512 MB RAM or more


Minimum disk space:

x86 (32 bit) – 850 MB

x64 (64 bit) – 2 GB


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Pentium® is a registered trademark of the Intel® corporation in the U.S. and other countries.