LaMotte DipCell Series Kits

Key Features:7013 DL-51

  • A wide range chlorine DipCell measures Chlorine from 0.5-10 ppm.
  • Carrying case is compact and rugged.
  • Liquid DPD and Phenol Red are offered in large volumes to do 144 or 288 tests.
  • Color-coded instructions and reagents simplify analysis.
  • Separate titration tubes for Alkalinity and Hardness prevents cleaning pH cell before each test.
  • Compact Handbook included.

The LaMotte DipCell color comparator is part of a competitive lineup of kits for the pool operator and service pro. The DipCell comparator is simple to use: dip the comparator into the water to get a sample; add reagents, cap, mix, and read chlorine and pH immediately. Six color standards are provided for wide-range chlorine from 0.5-10.0 ppm. The six standards included for pH range from 6.8-8.2.



Chlorine pH Kit

Order Code: 7011-01/DT-3 Tablet

The DT-3 DipCell test kit is supplied in a compact 5.5" x 5" x 2.5" polypropylene case. The DT-3 uses DPD tablets to measure Free & Total Chlorine, and Phenol Red liquid indicator.

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DL-51 DipCell Test Kit

Order Code: 7013/DL-51

The DL-51 Dipcell Test Kit includes enough reagents for 144 tests for Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, and pH. Kits have drop count tests for Alkalinity, Hardness, Acid and Base Demand. The DL-51 has the added test of Cyanuric Acid for outdoor pools. A free handbook is also included.

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