Coliform Testing Kit

Coliform: 5 tubes, each containing a nutrient tablet, are reacted, stored at room temperature for 40-48 hours and examined for color change and gas formation.


Total Coliform Test Kit for Drinking Water

Order Code: 4-3616

The Coliform Indicator Test Kit utilizes an easy-to-use, disposable 5-tube method to indicate the presence of Total Coliform Bacteria in a drinking water supply.

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Coliscan CSK10

Order Code: 3-0040

Ideal for sample sizes of 1-5 mL of river water or other samples with many coliforms or E. coli expected. The sample is collected with a sterile bottle, added directly into a bottle of Coliscan® Easygel®, and poured into a pretreated Petri dish. Under warm conditions (32-37°C) results can be ready in 24 hours. 10 tests.

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Coliscan MF10

Order Code: 3-0041

Ideal for large quantities of potable water or treated wastewater that contains a low level of coliforms or E. coli. Up to 100 mL of water is filtered through a membrane filter and placed on a Coliscan-MF nutrient rich pad in a Petri dish. 10 tests. Refill package contains enough materials to do 10 tests (refill does not include membrane filtration apparatus).

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