Leaf Pack Experiments Stream Ecology Kit

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Students of all ages!

Leaf Pack Experiments Stream Ecology KitStudents will learn to design, implement, and analyze a scientific investigation while discovering the value of aquatic macroinvertebrates as living indicators of water quality. The kit is reusable and flexible, adaptable to varying time contraints, number of students and grade levels, and it is geographically friendly, and complete.

All the apparatus and guides necessary for collecting, sorting, and identifying macroinvertebrates are included. The Leaf Pack Experiments Kit also includes a comprehensive instructor's manual - a valuable reference guide that includes background material on stream ecology, a glossary, diagrammed instructions, experiment ideas, and field and lab data sheets.

(Laminated Bug Cards and the MacroLensTM can be purchased separately.)





Order Code

Leaf Pack Experiments Stream Ecology Kit


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Individual Items Available



30 Mesh bags with labels 5882-LPB

NH (1)

1 set of 18 full-color flashcards each with photos, line drawings, and identification tips 5882-SA1

NH (1)

6 Waterproof illustrated sorting sheets 5882-SS6

NH (1)

22-full color Freshwater Aquatic Macroinvertebrate: Insect Life Cycle & Habitat Fashcards. Includes activities. 5946

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MacroLensTM 5508

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Sieve, 6" Plastic, 500 Micron Mesh $17.45



Kit Includes:

6 Mesh bags with labels
1 Waterproof marker
1 Strainer
14 Sorting trays
60 Plastic Petri dishes
6 Waterproof illustrated sorting sheets
2 Thermometers
1 Hand-held scale
2 Rulers
12 Brushes
12 Spoons
1 set 18 full color flashcards
6 Hand lenses
1 MacroLensTM
1 Nylon twine
6 Zipper-top bags
1 Tree finder booklet
1 Instructors manual with record sheets





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