WaterLink® SPIN Instrument Upgrade & Warranty Offer

(Recommended for Spin meters 1-year old or older)


Get a factory certified pre-owned SPIN with the latest enhancements for optimal precision and a full One-Year Warranty. Act now, during the off-season to take advantage of this special half-price trade-in offer.

What do I get?

  1. A certified refurbished WaterLink® Spin Meter with the latest design enhancements.
  2. Factory calibration and One-Year Warranty.
  3. Free Shipping* of the unit you will receive and for your existing meter to be returned.
    *For domestic/U.S. shipments only. Outside the U.S. contact your distributor.

What will it cost?

$200 (For Domestic U.S. dealers only. Outside the U.S. contact your distributor.)

What do I do?spin num

  1. Go to CLICK HERE to enter your on-line order. Make sure you enter your correct RMN and SN information, which can be found on the back of your meter (see above), to receive your correct upgrade. Or call Customer Service at (800-344-3100 x1).
  2. Spin Upgrade delivery dates will be based on stock levels of refurbished meters. Do not return your meter until refurbished meter arrives.
  3. Place your old meter in the pre-paid shipper and return your meter. (Return within 10 days to avoid charges of $495 more for a new meter.)

Can I just wait?

We recommend doing this as soon as possible. Expect longer lead times between March and August.